Eating By The Moon


Just as plants in our gardens respond to the Moon, so do our bodies. Our nutritional requirements and our ability to digest certain foods change with the Moon. No one assimilates all foods in the same way every day. The trend towards three “balanced” meals, each containing every food group, may have long ago driven our intuition of these cycles underground.

Moon signs can re-alert us to our cyclic capacity to utilize certain types of food—fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and salt (the macro nutrients). As with most Moon rules, these shouldn’t be reduced to an automatic system, followed mindlessly. Better to observe the types of foods you enjoy during each Moon sign and discover your personal response to the Moon’s influence. Note what you crave, what tastes especially good, what seems especially nourishing, and what seems unappealing, or gives you indigestion. On salt days, for example, salt may be just what you need–or precisely what you should avoid. In time, you’ll discover your personal food rhythm and return to a more natural, intuitive style of eating. Before foods were as processed and denatured as they are now, it was well understood that foods have an energetic as well as nutritional value. Following Moon signs can help to better connect us with the energetic quality of foods.

As an example, the Moon just left Virgo. A time when the digestive tract and stomach are very sensitive. I experienced indigestion yesterday although I am on a Raw Food Detox.

Today the Moon is in Libra: Air signs are traditionally fats days. If your nature is too airy (or in Ayurvedic terms, overly Vata), especially on this Moon, healthy fats and oils can ease this condition. Soothing an over-active nervous system, they help ground and warm the body. Natural fatty acids, found in plants, are the precious liquid that protects the plant’s future (its seeds). If your diet is too rich in fats, or you’re feeling lethargic or dull, you might lean towards something more airy today – like flowers!  Flowering vegetables (like broccoli or squash blossoms), can send the energy upward, stimulating the head, replenishing the spirit.

Happy Moon Eating!!